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AMERICA!' Voice Project

Thank you to everyone who has contributed! I set out to record folks from each of the 50 states reading a poem inspired by America The Beautiful. That goal was reached on May 25th, 2019 with a submission from the final state of Mississippi. The voices together will act as the voice over for a short film. Thanks to everyone’s support $1000 is being donated to charity through the NRDC.

While the initial goal is complete if you would like to have your voice included in this site you can still participate by emailing an audio recording of yourself stating your name and a reading of all or part of the poem to
[email protected][email protected]. If email isn’t your thing you can also participate by calling
(347) 450-6206(347) 450-6206 and leaving a voice message with your name and a reading. For instructions on how to record and share audio using an iPhone click here, or an Android device here.